Projet de fin d'études de Marion Lévêque, Texte de Gwendoline Soublin, 2018.

This is the story of Jeanne, 15 years old. She speaks with God. She has a mission to accomplish. One night, she runs away from her home to join the extremist group white steppe. With them, it’s different from here. With them, she thinks she can build all new world. There, she can start over again.

Avec/With Marie Menechi, Thaïs Beauchard de Luca, Margaux Le Mignan, Héloïse Lecointre, Marion Feugère & Pierre-Emmanuel Brault.

Stageplay by Gwendoline Soublin

Directed by Marion Lévêque

Scénographie & assistant à la mise en scène/ Stage designer and director assistant: Arnaud Chevalier

Assistante scénographie/ Stage designer assistant: Floriane Benetti

Conception Costume/ Costume designer: Estelle Boul

Assistante conception et réalisation costume/ Costume designer assistant: Florence Bertrand

Conception Lumière/ Light designer: Sandrine Sitter

Conception Sonore/ Sound designer: Colombine Jacquemont

Musique/ Original soundtrack: Thomas Forssaert