Barbe bleue ou le quotidien d’un monstre

Mise en scène de Louison Alix & Lauriane Mitchell, 2018.
Blue Beard or the daily life of a monster « Mr Henry is a man like every other man. Except the fact that he has a black hole in his chest. Except that he is an orphan and he has inherited a enormous castle from his parents.  Except that his hole is always hungry. » Blue Beard or the daily life of a monster is a collective experimentation using an overhead projector for young audience, based on a rewrite of the Barbe Bleue tale. Photos coming soon. Avec/ With Louison Alix, Kenza Lalaa, Lauriane Mitchell, Rémy Salvador & Adrien Zumthor Texte de/ Stageplay by Louison Alix & Lauriane Mitchell Conception Costume/ Costume designer: Estelle Boul Conception Sonore/ Sound designer: Colombine Jacquemont